Kate McKean

Howard Morhaim Literary Agency

My Manuscript Wish List®

I am hungry for:

Non-fiction for kids. Please send me your biography, history, science, technology, creativity, memoir, or narrative non-fiction for middle grade or YA readers. Please, no gross-out middle grade (i.e. The Best Farts in History, or the like).

Graphic Novels: Anything and everything, all ages, adult and children’s

Middle grade of all stripes, except wacky, zany, gross out middle grade. If you’re writing the MG version of Rick & Morty or Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy I DO NOT want it.

In all genres, I’m looking for authors from under-represented groups.

In general, I represent authors writing for children in the areas of horror, romance, LGBTQ issues, contemporary fiction, magical realism, fantasy, and science fiction. In non-fiction, for adults or children/teens, I represent books by authors with demonstrable platforms in the areas of pop-culture, memoir, sports, food writing, humor, design, creativity, and craft.

For adults I am primarily interested in contemporary romance, contemporary women’s fiction, literary fiction, historical fiction set in the 20th Century, fantasy, magical realism, science fiction. I love books about space.

I DO NOT represent thrillers or mysteries for adults, picture books, poetry, or screenplays. I do not gravitate to stories that feature dragons, angels/demons, cops, lawyers, FBI agents, or amateur sleuths.

I don’t like farce or satire in fiction. Give me sincerity over sarcasm.

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Fun facts about me:

Contrary to popular misconception, I’m not from Mississippi. I just went to school there for 18 months. I’m from Florida-ish. (We moved around a lot as a kid.)

I love competitive cheerleading. Star Trek: TNG is my comfort watch.


Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to https://QueryManager.com/katemckean

Please submit your query via Query Manager at https://QueryManager.com/katemckean.


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