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Karen graduated from Westmont College in 1998 as an English major and a lover of books. She went on to work in the non-profit sector for 12 years as a Director of Communications, overseeing direct and online marketing efforts, fundraising funnels, receipt and donor relations, public relations, and product offerings. During that season, on the side, Karen would help the Yates & Yates team reviewing manuscripts, helping shape messages, sharpening marketing plans, cover direction, and platform coaching. Her first Yates & Yates project was in 2001, and she hasn’t looked back! A reader herself, with a writer’s heart, Karen is responsible for discovering talents like Katie Davis Majors, Jen Hatmaker, and Jennie Allen. She has also published multiple articles through Relevant Magazine, Christianity Today, and the Washington Post. Karen officially joined Yates & Yates in 2015 as literary agent.

As a right-brained INFJ and Enneagram 8, Karen brings a unique twist to the Yates & Yates team, offering intuition, ideation, leadership, and excellence in execution. When she is not crafting down words into her floppy orange notebook, she can be found outdoors in the trees, enjoying the beauty of creation. She likes playing sports and guitar and piano, and she has been a worship leader at her church for over 20 years. She is married to Curtis, and together they have three teenage children.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to email@yates2.com

Please be aware of the genres we represent: Non-fiction, business, political, self-help, Christian living, memoir.

Please send your query letter to the above email address and include:

  • A brief description of who you are, your qualifications, awards, experience, or platform.
  • A compelling description of your book idea, including premise, promise, audience, hook, and felt need.
  • Please do NOT send your manuscript or proposal unless a member of our team has requested you to do so.
  • Please NO attachments.  We will NOT open your email if it includes attachments.
  • If you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our literary agents, please visit www.authorcoaching.com.

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