Kara Leigh Miller

Anaiah Press, LLC

My Manuscript Wish List®

For Romance, I’m partial to contemporary stories, small towns, cowboys, law enforcement, firefighters, second chances, friends-to-lovers, and enemies-to-lovers. I’m a sucker for a fast-paced romantic suspense, bonus for forced proximity. The more unique the setting, the better. Characters struggling with their faith is always welcome, but I’d be just as thrilled to find characters who are solid in their faith and rely on it to deal with their current circumstances.

In Young Adult, I’m on the hunt for stories set during camp–summer camp, Bible camp, family camping trip–in the following subgenres: romance, action/adventure, thriller, or mystery. I’d love to find a contemporary story with strong familial relationships and positive friendships. A sweet faith-based romance or heartbreaking love triangle would be wonderful, too. And I have a weakness for a good dystopian.

Some Totally Random Things I’d Like to See:

  • Characters getting stranded due to a storm
  • Vineyards, B&B, Inn
  • Harsh settings–Canadian tundra, Alaskan bush, jungles, deserted islands, mountains, etc
  • Survival stories
  • Fictional cults (the negative impact they have on lives and breaking free / starting over)
  • Reality TV plot / setting, podcast

**At this time, I am NOT looking for any adult books outside of romance and all romance sub-genres**

Fun facts about me:

I have 4 pit bulls and am an advocate for the breed.

I also have 5 cats.

I used to sell vacuum cleaners door-to-door and hated it!

I could live off Coke Zero, pasta, and pizza.

I don’t like wine. Or coffee.


Submission Guidelines

As a Christian press, we publish books with a strong inspirational theme and/ or a message of faith. We do not accept manuscripts with the following:
  • Anti-Christian propaganda/ themes
  • Gratuitous sex/ sexual situations
  • Messages of religious or social intolerance
  • Angel/human or demon/human romantic relationships
  • Werewolf, vampire, demon, etc. protagonists

To submit a manuscript for consideration, please use our Query Manager form: https://QueryManager.com/QueryAnaiahPress

We do respond personally to every query received. Please allow 8-12 weeks for a response. Simultaneous submissions are fine, but we do ask that out of professional courtesy, you let us know if you receive an offer from another publisher or agent. Any queries not sent via Query Manager will be deleted unread.

Word count requirements are as follows:
  • Anaiah From the Heart: 20,000–90,000
  • Anaiah Edge: 50,000–90,000
  • Anaiah Surge: 50,000–90,000
  • Anaiah Epic: 50,000–12,000

*Currently, we do not accept proposals for works yet to be written. Only query us if your manuscript is complete.

Guidelines & Details