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My Manuscript Wish List®

I’m Kade (he/they), an assistant editor at Holiday House. A graduate of The New School’s Writing for Children & Young adults MFA program, I previously interned at P.S. Literary, TriadaUS, and McIntosh & Otis, Inc.

I’m seeking MG and YA fiction in the below genres. Socially-conscious thrillers, horror from marginalized voices, and hard-hitting contemporary novels are at the top of my wishlist. I particularly resonate with “dark” and/or “issue-driven” stories and believe passionately in the value of fiction that grapples deeply with sociopolitical themes. I am also seeking solution-oriented PB environmental nonfiction (can be text only) and graphic early readers (author-illustrator only).

  • Horror
    • Horror exploring sociopolitical themes
    • Hauntings and ghost stories, particularly those that delve into the ways in which we’re haunted by grief, shame, guilt, or destructive societal forces
    • Body horror and/or horror that explores bodily autonomy (told authentically in a non-exploitative way)
  • Thriller
    • Socially conscious thrillers, especially those that explore the way power structures impact who society believes and whose stories it values
    • Campy slashers with some edge/a thematic undercurrent
    • Thrillers with distinctive, fun settings that heighten the genre elements
  • Contemporary 
    • Stories exploring mental health themes that impact young people’s lived realities, including more stigmatized experiences (Note: while portrayals of characters struggling with these issues can be complex, they should also ultimately be sympathetic.)
    • LGBTQIA+ stories of all kinds, especially from trans/nonbinary creators. As much as I love queer joy and the found family of queer friendships, I am also here for stories that reflect the challenges specific to this community.
    • Stories that address the ways in which the political environment impacts young people within their families and communities
    • Queer takes on popular tropes
  • Speculative (Think grounded contemporary fantasy, near-future cli-fi/dystopian still recognizably set in our own world, time loops, magical realism, campy/tropey/queer takes on supernatural creatures like vampires and werewolves)
  • Historical
    • 90s-2000s historical fiction (What wouldn’t I do for 2000s emo culture historical?)
    • LGBTQIA+ stories
    • Historical fiction exploring activist history or periods of major social change

Across these genres, I am open to graphic novels and novels in verse, and I prioritize authentically told stories from voices underrepresented in publishing.

My tastes tend to skew darker tonally, and while I respond to both literary and commercial writing, I can’t resist gorgeous line-level prose. Immersive settings and messy (even chaotic) characters always manage to win me over. But above all else, I gravitate to stories with deep interiority and thematic heft.

Other, more specific wishlist items include:

  • Trans/nonbinary takes on iconic tropes and stories (Where is my trans Freaky Friday?)
  • Queer, especially trans stories set in single-sex environments
  • YA where characters have jobs, particularly if the job becomes relevant to the story in an unexpected or high-stakes way
  • Politically-minded road trip narratives that address the ways in which marginalized people explore and experience unfamiliar places
  • Stories in which the protagonist is struggling with and/or is in recovery from a substance use disorder, especially if this is not the sole focus of the plot

I am not the best fit for:

  • Picture book fiction
  • SFF not set in our world
  • Books set in outer space
  • Superhero stories
  • Stories with animal protagonists
  • Cis-girl-dresses-as-boy-for-opportunities trope, unless it’s queer (in which case, give it to me!)
  • Stories in which a secondary character’s neurodivergence, mental health condition, or physical disability is the primary conflict/obstacle for the protagonist.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to kdishmon@holidayhouse.com

Submissions should be emailed to kdishmon@holidayhouse.com

I accept agented and unagented submissions. Please email queries to kdishmon@holidayhouse.com and include #MSWL in the subject line. I prefer to see full manuscripts (fiction) / full proposals (graphic novels).


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