Julie Rosenberg

Razorbill/Penguin Random House

My Manuscript Wish List®

I’m looking for commercial, high concept middle grade and YA with great dialogue and believable, robust characters I’ve never met before. I want my books to entertain readers–they should laugh, cry, and have a great time doing it. I’m drawn to contemporary stories with a dazzling voice, and I like mystery and suspense if it has an original concept and big hook. I love lush international settings, high-stakes competitions, and slick tech gadgets. I’m a big fan of romance, especially if it’s approached in a unique way. I’m generally not the best fit for high fantasy, historical fiction, or issue-driven books.

I’d love to find:

  • YA that feels like Never Have I Ever
  • Jasmine Guillory-esque romance
  • High concept thrillers like The Inheritance Games 
  • joyful books with unique takes on popular tropes

A few other things I like, in no particular order:

  • Prague
  • bacon
  • Hawaii
  • cross stitch
  • elite gymnastics
  • medical documentaries
  • champagne cocktails

I’m not looking for:

  • gritty YA or MG
  • Groundhog Day-esque stories
  • time travel
  • retellings
  • high fantasy
  • historical fiction (unless it has a really unique, high-concept hook)
  • stories about pop stars/bands


Fun facts about me:

  • I went to space camp, and it was awesome.
  • In high school I was on the reality show Switched, where I “switched lives” with a girl in Lake Tahoe and proceeded to have my one and only snowboarding experience televised nationally.
  • I used to consider myself an ice cream professional after holding summer jobs at both Coldstone and Ben & Jerry’s.
  • I was a cheerleader at NYU, which was as awkward as it sounds.
  • I grew up in Honolulu but do not know how to surf or get a tan.

Submission Guidelines

I am able to review agented submissions only.

Vital Info