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I'm primarily looking for literary and upmarket fiction and am interested in explorations of gender, queer fiction, coming of age stories, family sagas, domestic fiction in the vein of Tessa Hadley and Alice Munro, emotionally and intellectually adventurous work, examinations of privilege, voice-driven (especially funny) fiction, and stories that take readers into rarified or esoteric worlds.

Examples: any Ben Lerner, Fuccboi, Prep, Cleanness, The Girls, Exciting Times, The Line of Beauty, Black Light, Milk Fed, Prep, Topics of Conversation, The New Me, Almost Famous Women, Either/Or, Vladimir, How Should a Person Be?, Drinking Coffee Elsewhere, Doxology, The Privileges

Nonfiction: Cultural criticism

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to julie.flanagan@icmpartners.com

Please include the first 50 pages of your manuscript as a Word attachment.

Vital Info

Fiction: LGBTQ, Literary, Short Story
Non-Fiction: Journalism, Pop Culture

Favorite sub-genres:
I'd like the next...

-The New Me. Voicey novels with a sense of place are a huge draw
-literary fiction that explores Greek life--reminiscent of Ben Nugent and Teddy Wayne
-unflinching examination of masculinity
-fiction that isn't afraid of ambiguity

My favorites include...

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