Joyce Sweeney

The Seymour Agency

My Manuscript Wish List®

I represent board books, picture books, both fiction and non-fiction, middle grade, novels and some non-fiction, and graphic novels from picture book through middle grade levels.  I am always looking for diversity and under-represented voices for my list. In picture books, I like science and any STEM or STEAM topic, lyrical, SEL and anything fresh and different. In middle grade I like contemporary and speculative equally well. Mystery or suspense is always welcome. In graphic novels, more contemporary would be welcome. I would like to see more lgbtq+ in my inbox, or books that explore gender identity in fresh ways.

I don’t represent YA and am not keen on historicals, or overly religious themes.

Fun facts about me:

I am being held prisoner by a very demanding cat named Nitro, who controls me through sleep deprivation. I could live on wine, cheese and coffee alone. I’m an amateur astrologer. I collect illustration art passionately. I’m non binary, vegetarian and happily married for 43 years. I give out magic beans and own several magic wands. I love being an agent.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to

Send query with full pb manuscript or first five pages of fiction pasted in.