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Whatever the age group, I tend to love contrast–highbrow sentences and lowbrow content, beautiful settings and ugly motives–the books that are beautiful and scary, heartbreaking and hilarious. I love secrets, scheming, revenge, plotting–and stories that have to be written forward and backward to make sense (I LOVE discovering a very cleverly planted clue that makes sense in retrospect). I love watching powerful people navigate their public and private lives.

More underrepresented characters, please--especially those with power, agency, and happy endings. Wish fulfillment, romance, specialized skills (especially tech), taking over the world. We need to see more of that.

Upmarket genre fiction (whether for YA or adult) usually works for me. MG adventure, horror, or fantasy is also of interest.

I’m also into the books that are mostly in our world–but then that veer slightly into surrealism (like Aimee Bender) or genre fiction–that really works for me. I tend to love the spooky, ghostly, dark, or pure romantic, fun, and escapist.

But if the voice is wonderful, I can love just about anything.

Also welcome: fictionalizations of historical events.

And new twists on familiar stories. A female James Bond, for example.

I also love characters in love–who try to deal with it all intellectually (like The Rosie Project, Kurt in The Truth About Alice–and one of my books, Love And Other Unknown Variables). I really hope someone writes a book version of the movie Her. Similarly, I loved The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. 

I’d love a lot more humor in general in my inbox. To give you a sense of my humor–I think My Drunk Kitchen, Broad City, and Elder Millennial are hilarious. Speaking of, I'd love something like Late Night in women's fiction.

Just about anything with food is welcome. I think someone should go around to all of the world’s seasonal festivals (the tapping of maples in Vermont, the asparagus/Father’s Day festival in the Netherlands, the releasing of the Beaujolais, the Gilroy garlic festival, the mushroom hunts in Italy) and write about it.

If you're the next Ruth Reichl, I want to hear from you.

If you're not sure, please go ahead and query. My interests are broad, and I'm happy to hear from you.

Fun facts about me:

Ravenous reader, lazy gourmet, literary agent + cheese-obsessed human. Co-creator of , and Manuscript Wish List®.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to

Query letter and first 10 pages pasted in body of email to QueryJessica at ContextLit dot com, please.


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Vital Info

Fiction: Commercial, Crime, Family Saga, Fantasy, General, Graphic Novel, Historical, Horror, Humor, LGBTQ, Literary, Middle Grade, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction, Thriller, Women’s Fiction, Young Adult
Non-Fiction: Cookbooks, Humor, Journalism, LGBTQ, Psychology, Science, Travel, True Crime

Favorite sub-genres: narrative non-fiction, upmarket genre fiction
I'd like the next...

Dial A For Aunties

Get A Life, Chloe Brown

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Detransition, Baby

The Herd

The Once And Future Witches

32 Candles

The Kiss Quotient


Front Desk

Love, Simon

Promising Young Woman

To All The Boys I've Loved Before


In The Woods

Daughters Unto Devils

Big Friendship

Big Summer

The Worst Best Man

Love Is Red

The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.


Jessica Jones

The Politician

House of Cards

Scandal (I love Olivia Pope!)

My favorites include...

I love books that show how much humans have changed–and how much we’ve stayed the same. But I am particularly fond of telegraphs and Victorian technology.

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