Jenny Lopez

Sourcebooks Fire / Young Readers

My Manuscript Wish List®

**Please note that I am only accepting agented submissions at this time!**

I am currently looking to acquire middle grade and young adult novels and am passionate about working with BIPOC and traditionally marginalized creators. Because of my own background and identities, I am especially excited to acquire stories from queer and Latinx/Latine voices!

Overall I am interested in diverse and inclusive stories across all genres. I love stories with complex characters, immersive worldbuilding, and have a soft spot for anything speculative—especially fantasy and horror.

A few other specifics:

I am actively seeking…

  • dark academia from BIPOC/QBIPOC voices
  • non-western mythology/folklore-inspired high fantasies
  • sapphic high fantasy (but also, sapphic everything)
  • Ghibli-esque cozy fantasies

Other favorite things/things I’d love to see more of…

  • found family
  • friendship is magic!
  • sibling love
  • BIPOC and queer joy

I am not the best fit for…

  • Contemporary tearjerkers (if your main hook includes devastating and/or tragic, I am not your reader!)
  • True crime and/or thrillers starring serial killers

Fun facts about me:

  • I’ve been studying tarot and astrology for 5+ years and love chatting anything occult-y!
  • I’m first gen Mexican American, born and raised in Chicago!
  • I have a background in foreign languages and literatures. My first language is Spanish (I was in ESL classes until 4th grade) and in school I studied French, have a B.A. in Japanese/Asian Studies (Swarthmore College), and a M.A. in Korean (University of Hawai’i/Korea University). I’m currently trying to learn Swedish!

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