Jennifer Baker

Amistad Books/HarperCollins

My Manuscript Wish List®

Jennifer is a senior editor at Amistad Books (an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers). Amistad Books has existed for over 35 years and is known for publishing award-winning/bestselling adult commercial and literary titles of the Black Diaspora as well as IPOC voices.

Jennifer IS interested in adult works with strong narrative voice, unique perspectives, and characters that are relatable & have agency. Welcome non-U.S. centered stories and character-driven narratives with strong sense of place/vision. She is open to “non-traditional” narratives (epistolary, non-linear, multiple POV) in literary fiction (novels and story collections); upmarket & commercial fiction (romance, humor, speculative, horror, light sci-fi/fantasy, true crime, mystery); narrative and reported nonfiction (memoirs, essay collections with a specific focus, biographies, investigative journalism about Black communities, satirical political analysis) in areas of climate, economics, criminal justice, etc.; poetry (prose and free form); graphic novels & graphic memoir; highly illustrated (or photographic) historical discussions/reflections of the diaspora and/or comedic & introspective works reflecting on history, politics, worldviews.

Jennifer is NOT interested in erotica, epic fantasy, steampunk, coffee table or novelty books, children’s literature, parenting books, self-help/spirituality/inspiration, travel guides, sports, translation, religion, narratives that focus solely on traumatic experiences without balance & nuance.

Fun facts about me:

I am also the creator/host of the Minorities in Publishing podcast.

Submission Guidelines

Amistad accepts agented submissions unless otherwise solicited. (Unsolicited submissions from authors will be deleted unread and email addresses will be blocked.)