Jennie Kendrick

Red Fox Literary

My Manuscript Wish List®

NOTE: I am currently closed to unsolicited queries, but happily accept conference queries and industry referrals. Please note that I only represent children’s books.

I represent picture books, graphic novels, YA and MG fiction/non-fiction across all genres, but I have a special interest in historical, paranormal, magical realism/fabulism, and classic 90s-like teen horror.  Give me your angry unlikable heroines, your plucky protagonists fighting the odds, your steamy romance. (There is nothing better than well-written first kisses.)

I tend to dislike high fantasy and sci-fi, but there are always exceptions. If your writing trends more toward the Megan Whalen Turner, Marie Lu, and Marie Rutkoski character-driven, historical/mythologically-influenced styles, I’m more likely to enjoy it and be able to advocate for it.

Like every publishing professional, I am particularly looking for Own Voices and marginalized creators/manuscripts of any kind. Please note that in your query, if it applies.

Sending me an industry referral or conference query? I go by she/her/Ms., but you’re more than welcome to just call me Jennie.

Fun facts about me:

I was a history major in undergrad with a focus on medieval European history–I wrote my thesis on death and resurrection symbolism within tomb sculpture, alchemy, torture, and execution. To say I love creepy, macabre stories and imagery is a wee bit of an understatement. Send me your creepiest tales!

I am a copywriter, and occasionally moonlight as a bookseller at a local indie bookstore (pre-pandemic). I spend a significant portion of my time there trying not to increase my already-ridiculous book collection.

I collect vintage Barbies, vintage glassware, and turquoise sparkly things. When I’m not reading or writing about books, I love to cook, cross-stitch, go to loud rock concerts, read tarot, talk to my plants, and travel.

Submission Guidelines

I am currently closed to unsolicited queries, but will gladly accept conference queries and industry referrals. If you are querying me as a conference query or referral, please visit me at http://QueryMe.Online/jennieatRFL. If you want to know my pronouns/honorific, it’s she/her/Ms.

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