Jen Bouvier

Entangled Publishing

My Manuscript Wish List®

I’m an editor at Entangled Publishing, currently looking to acquire Young Adult, New Adult, Adult Romance, and Women’s Fiction. For me personally, a central romance is required in all but Women’s Fiction. This list is updated frequently and comprehensive regarding my current interests.

[You’re reading the June 2024 version]

In addition to regular submissions, I also consider samples from established authors interested in collaborative/IP work. For that, please submit a previously published novel through Submittable, selecting the appropriate imprint for your work, following the submission guidelines, stating your interest in collaborative/IP.

I’d also be interested to hear from new authors who are experts in a specific field in the collaborative/IP context, across all genres. I’d love a book set in space by a former astronaut or a physicist etc. and I’d be happy to go the extra mile to make it happen. When in doubt, contact me!

I’m generally not the best fit for performing arts themes, bigotry-centric books, reality TV themes, holiday books, memory loss-based premises outside of a nuanced disability representation approach, sports romance, novels-in-verse, or anything very heavy on politicial intrigue.
Currently looking for:
YA crossover/NA
I’m open to most sub genres in the commercial and high-concept realm. Currently, I am particularly eager to see more High Fantasy, Paranormal, and Horror.
  • I want big high-concept premises. I love working with prolific, ambitious authors.
  • I am perpetually lacking F/F and would like to see intense sapphic love stories in the upper YA range with high tension and high chemistry.
  • Morally grey characters and antiheroines or even villain romances
  • Cursed families and/or stories unpacking generational trauma
  • I enjoy a Gothic-inspired story—if you were inspired by classics like Wuthering Heights or Rebecca, please show me!
  • New spins on mythology and folklore, but authenticity is a must. Particularly interested in Korean, Turkish, anything from East Africa. I’d love to finally find a Greek mythology retelling by a Greek author!
  • Something Addams family-inspired
  • Anything inspired by Bioware or Bethesda games
  • High-drama, obsessive love stories with lyrical, quotable prose that makes you put the book down and think
  • Welcome to Nightvale vibes
  • A book set during an apocalypse
  • In Paranormal, it’s key the paranormal beings include a new take we haven’t seen beforeI’d love to see a paranormal theme park or something creative involving vampires or mermaids.
  • In High Fantasy, a creative magic system and/or worldbuilding is essential for me. I’m looking for big, intricate worlds that can span multiple books here. I enjoy darker takes, but a special wish is a hilarious, campy Princess Bride-style story with a strong voice to match. (No pirate/seafarer settings, please)
  • In Sci-Fi, accessible and fresh is key. I’d like to see anything comped to Black Mirror. I’d love to bring dystopian back on a hopepunk/solarpunk type note and would love to see sentient cities or spaceships. (no space opera, steampunk, or colonization narratives, please)
  • In Horror, high-concept mythological or folklore elements. Cryptids and anything subtly referencing Supernatural without being a straight up monster hunter/monster of the week situation. (No gore, please)
  • In Contemporary, books depicting a positive outlook on mental health or disability representation à la Sick Kids in Love by Hannah Moskowitz. (Nothing dark or without HEA/HFN, please). I don’t normally enjoy YA Thrillers, but I’d be interested in a Glass Onion type story.
  • In Historical without speculative elements, I’m generally not right for anything heavily connected or set during the World Wars, neither 1980s and later. I’d be interested in seeing well-known historical events retold authentically, with a significant romantic sub plot. Creative solutions for undiscovered historical mysteries intrigue me, especially if there’s fantasy elements added. Rococo is one of my favorite periods.
      Contemporary (RomCom Only)
  • A fresh meet cute is very important!
  • STEM-centric books. Biologists, physicists, medical doctors. Professions you don’t see a lot in books are my thing. Would love some women firefighters or carpenters—generally anything challenging gender stereotypes!
  • Always love a 90s/00s movie retelling
  • Settings I’d love in this genre: museum, animal shelter, outer space, at sea, wildlife rehabilitation
      Historical Romance (Georgian, Regency, Victorian only)
  • I personally take Historical Romance on quite selectively, so I’m looking for very special projects. I’d love a prolific author looking to do 2-3 books a year here who’s not shy to put the work in, with the goal to build a longlasting relationship and a lucrative career.
  • I enjoy both serious and hilarious tones in historical, as long as the voice is strong.
  • More approaches like in the Bridgerton TV show, starring marginalized protagonists whose marginalization does not cause them to face scrutiny or carry the narrative as the central “conflict.”
      Women’s Fiction
  • Thriller and/or speculative elements. If you can see your book on the big screen and easily fit in with authors like R.F. Kuang, Christina Dalcher, or Nita Prose, I’d love a look. (No serial killers, sexual assault, or pregnancy/motherhood-centric books, please)
  • The next Time Traveler’s Wife or anything playing accessibly with timelines/time travel
  • High-concept Women’s Fiction set in a time period that’s not often tackled in novels, ideally with a romantic element. The 1960s or 70s would be fun.

Fun facts about me:

I love crystals and witchy stuff, I speak eight languages, and my favorite Pokémon is mightyena.

Submission Guidelines

To submit, please use Submittable following the submission guidelines and ATTN to me. Also attach a full plot synopsis. I accept agented and unagented submissions. Trigger warnings are always very, very appreciated!

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