Jared Johnson

Olswanger Literary

My Manuscript Wish List®

I am a recovering academic and love engaging with unique and excellent writers. I hold a Masters in medieval studies and spent several years working toward a PhD before leaving to pursue a career in publishing.

I am looking for both nonfiction and fiction.

In nonfiction, I love cultural criticism for a popular audience, books that address the origins of cultural values, especially in matters of race, religion, and language. I’m always on the search for books that call into question cultural myths or the continuity of ideas and wants to read works that make me consider an old concept in a new way. I am drawn especially to narratives about people who have caused a positive impact or left a positive legacy in the world or their community.

In fiction, I love encountering new, vibrant worlds that feel like they extend beyond the borders of the page. I’m drawn into a story by parent/child relationships (especially adult children), themes of reconciliation and redemption, strong non-romance relationships (especially ones that subvert romantic tropes), and misunderstood rivals. Really, I am taken in by stories that push characters to find out who they are in relation to themselves and to one another. Also heists… I want to read all the heists.


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I am currently closed to submissions.

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