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Howdy! I’m an associate editor at Levine Querido. Our mission is to provide a platform for creators from communities that have been historically marginalized in mainstream publishing including (but not limited to): BIPOC creators, members of the LGBT+ community, creators with disabilities, creators from minority religions, and folks at the intersections of those identities. My heart lies in middle grade, but I work on the full gambit between picture books and new adult!

I’m also acquiring very selectively in picture books and nonfiction. In terms of picture books, I like stories that are narrative with a poetic sensibility.

On the fiction side, I’m particularly interested in voice-driven contemporary realism, genre fiction that draws from a particular cultural heritage/tradition and/or centers protagonists from underrepresented groups, and queer/trans romance/coming of age that doesn’t center coming out.

In general, I love:

  • Books with a strong sense of place (whether real or imagined)
  • Books with a climate/environmental angle
  • Books that defy categorization and push at the boundaries between “realistic” and “speculative” and “magical realism”
  • Books that handle sad or difficult subjects with a fantastical twist (think Kyle Lukoff’s Too Bright to See or Mari Lowe’s Aviva vs the Dybbuk)
  • Books in the upper middle grade range
  • Books that take place in the South

Fun facts about me:

  • I love women’s sports of all kinds (especially the WNBA)
  • I have a tortoiseshell cat named Gemini
  • Outside of publishing, I’m a poet and journalist, focusing on Black cultural traditions, eco-poetics, and environmental justice

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