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My Manuscript Wish List®

I’m most interested in MG, YA, and Adult fiction and nonfiction but will also consider picture books.

Picture Books: I’m looking for outstanding nonfiction manuscripts about a currently relevant topic that has never been done before, or is about an underrepresented person or group that hasn’t already been published. For fiction, I love non-didactic texts that are kid-friendly with humor and heart. I’m not a good fit for anthropomorphic characters, clowns, circuses, or zoos–unless animals are breaking out of them.

Middle Grade: The middle grade voice is what it’s all about here. Any genre, but I already represent several ghost stories in this category and will have to be more selective with those.

Young Adult and Adult: I love so many things, so it’s best to stick to knowing what I don’t prefer here. Anything else is fair game. Please, no sentient aliens in general but I do love fantasy and science fiction, was raised on Star Trek and LOTR and Star Wars, and so I never say never. I don’t like anything gratuitous. I’m not a good fit for military SF. And I prefer my romances low on the heat scale.

Nonfiction: I’m looking for topics that are current and relevant and fresh. I love different formats and unique perspectives. All age categories.

For all books, I’m looking for layered hooks, commercial ideas with literary underpinnings, and would love some humor to balance out serious topics–or just humor.

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Fun facts about me:

I live full time in an RV.


Submission Guidelines

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