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HS-LA is a boutique agency run by Hannah Sheppard. Hannah puts authors at the heart of everything she does; from helping you to develop your ideas for commercial success with expert, collaborative editorial work, to being your number one fan and shouting about your stories as loudly as she can – she is here to build careers that flourish.

Hannah wants publishing to embrace the change that’s needed to open the doors to a wider range of voices and aims for the Hannah Sheppard Literary Agency to be part of driving that change.

Fun facts about me:

In 2021 I ran a half-marathon every month (it was a stupid thought I had at the beginning of the year, partly as a result of pandemic cabin fever I think, to see if I could do it and linked to the realisation that a half marathon is 21k which matched the year).

I love to swim and paddle board – I can’t wait for the warmer weather to get back out on the boards.

In winter you’re more likely to find me doing some knitting or crochet – but I am horribly slow at both.

I live on the south coast of England with my husband, and our cat who came free with the house we moved into. We’re both smitten.

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