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Based in Seattle, Sasquatch Books seeks out the most gifted writers, chefs, naturalists, artists, trendsetters, and thought leaders in the Pacific Northwest to bring their talents to a national audience. Their passion becomes ours as we help transform their vision into beautifully crafted books that represent the adventurous spirit and lifestyle of the region.

A lifelong bookworm, Hannah loves to work on books that change people’s lives for the better. She acquires visual nonfiction, practical nonfiction, narrative nonfiction, and journals and gift books. As an editor, she seeks to elevate marginalized voices and has a particular interest in womxn’s issues, feminism, LGBTQ+, and social justice. She also enjoys flowers and nature, local travel, house & home, crafts, and creative inspiration. Her books include Moorea Seal’s bestselling 52 Lists series (with over 1.4 million copies in print), Erica Bauermeister’s critically acclaimed House Lessons and Sonora Jha’s How to Raise a Feminist Son. Before joining Sasquatch Books in 2014, Hannah worked at Ballantine (Penguin Random House) and Elyse Cheney Literary.

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