Grace Towery

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My Manuscript Wish List®

FICTION: I read across a variety of genres with a penchant for unconventional premises, propulsive storytelling, and stories that shed light on some element of human nature. I’m always eager for underrepresented voices and perspectives from those who get lost in the footnotes. I love transporting landscapes – any plot can feel new in a wild or unusual setting. Across genres, I have a bent for the strange and surreal. I’m a sucker for stories that acquaint me with niche communities, jobs, or cultures I know nothing about. I love novels that pose human problems with no clear cut answers. Some favorite sub-genres are family sagas, magical realism, fantasy, high concept suspense, dual timeline historical, general fiction with elements of suspense or mystery.

NONFICTION: I’m looking to acquire narratives that provide insider takes on a little-known worlds or subjects. I enjoy journalistic reporting, especially with a focus on social justice, as well as accessible pop science and psychology that explores what makes us tick. I’m also on the hunt for voicey memoirs, cultural commentary, pop culture, and unusual, stranger-than-fiction histories. Anything that makes the new feel familiar or the familiar feel new – I want to read it!

Other things I have a special weakness for: stories of obsession, power struggles, claustrophobia, dreams, wry humor, ensemble casts, international city life, glimpses of a sweet/healthy romance, music

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