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Grace is interested in pursuing both YA and adult pieces. She is passionate about fantasy, atmospheric horror, romance, environmental fiction, and contemporary fiction. She enjoys projects featuring powerful themes, high-concept plots, strong voices, and complex characters. Grace is also a lover of the found family trope in all its forms! 

Speculative fiction about ambitious characters will always catch her eye. Grace hopes to work on speculative projects featuring diverse protagonists and intersectional identities. She enjoys sharp/organic dialogue. She is a sucker for sapphic narratives and morally grey characters too!

Horror projects inspired by folklore, mythology, and rural landscapes interest Grace. She loves projects that interweave horror with romance, too. She is also seeking supernatural thrillers featuring the occult. If your book is a little twisty or strange, Grace would love to read it! 

Grace is also looking for contemporary romance pieces with speculative elements. She’d like to see more projects featuring BIPOC characters, flirty banter, and fresh twists on cute tropes. Grace is also looking for nerdy romances about fanfiction and fandom.

Grace is excited to explore crossover/YA fantasy romances that feature the enemies-to-lovers trope, political intrigue, accessible worlds, and a strong commercial hook. She is drawn to powerful emotions, interesting interpersonal dynamics, and a romance-forward plot. She tends to gravitate towards projects that feature queer characters and multiple points of view! She’d like to see more romance/fantasy stories involving anti-imperial themes.

Grace is open to considering historical fiction with gothic themes and fresh perspectives. She enjoys projects that toe the line between literary and commercial: manuscripts with an irresistible hook that also deliver a moving reading experience.

Fun facts about me:

Fun Facts About Grace: Grace is 100% a cat person! In her spare time she loves to run, write and work on perfecting her cinnamon roll recipe.

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