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Big picture, I like commercial hooky fiction and nonfiction. I’m very interested in amplifying diverse voices and perspectives, including but not limited to BIPOC and LGBTQIA voices as well as disabled (this is something I’m really desperate for as a reader!) and neurodiverse perspectives. It is important to me that this representation be #ownvoices.

In general, I don’t love straight contemporary novels as I prefer more plot-driven fiction, nor am I a big fan of historical fiction, literary, or straight “issues” books. I also don’t love slapstick/boy humor, but smart body humor I can get behind.

In YA, I lean snarky. Genre wise, Fantasy is my favorite, and from there I enjoy rom-coms, fun/poppy thrillers (a la Cabin in the Woods), and detective stories (like A STUDY IN CHARLOTTE). I’m open to sci-fi but not usually drawn to it, except for dystopians (throwing it back to the 2000s).

In the MG space I like both snarky (within twelve-year-old reason) and sweet. I lean first towards action and adventure, fantasy, and graphic novels but read more broadly and sometimes more quietly in MG versus YA.

In the picture book space, I love super commercial manuscripts and art with high concepts, wit, or snark (think THE BAD SEED) and all picture books with sassy cats (my favorite is I’M THE BOSS OF THIS CHAIR). I do hold a sweet spot for picture books with commercial art that can make me cry, like I WISH YOU MORE. Artwork that I can frame and display on my walls is also always something I’m excited to see.

Lastly, I am also very interested in accessible but high concept commercial nonfiction that features interesting content in the board book, picture book, and MG graphic novel space. Basically, I envy the Lonely Planet Kids list a lot. I also have an appreciation for the America’s Test Kitchen and Gibbs Smith board book lists, the Baby University series, and titles like ANTIRACIST BABY.

Fun facts about me:

My cat is named Vasa after Princess Vasilisa from Russian Folklore, I'm a Type One Diabetic, and I was born in Sleepy Hollow!

In addition to working in Editorial, I also have a care package shop on Etsy and volunteer with NJ CASA.

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Fiction: Action/Adventure, Children's, Commercial, Fantasy, Graphic Novel, LGBTQ, Middle Grade, Mystery, New Adult, Picture Books, Romance, Young Adult
Non-Fiction: History, Illustrated, Pop Culture, Science

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