Gabbi Calabrese


My Manuscript Wish List®

*I am not currently accepting unagented submissions*

As an Assistant Editor at Sourcebooks, I am actively acquiring books in the YA and MG spaces. In both age groups, I am interested in hooky, high-concept works, particularly from marginalized voices.  I love a strong romantic thread and commercial work with a literary bent to the writing. I am drawn to strong voice, messy characters, and complicated relationship dynamics. More about the specific genres I am looking for:


I am a big fan of the entire spectrum of fantasy, be it high fantasy or contemporary. I am hungry for compelling magic systems and conversations pertaining to real-life issues through a fantasy lens (mental health, neurodivergence, classism, to name a few). I am especially eager to find paranormal books–especially vampires!–that feel fresh and relevant to kids and teens today.


I am interested in binge-able thrillers that are grounded in the real world and make readers feel as if they might be able to find themselves in that sort of situation. Bonus points if there is a distinct setting that is integral to the story (think abandoned building, amusement park, etc.).


Much like fantasy, I am interested in the whole spectrum of horror: realistic or speculative, light or dark. I don’t scare easily or shy away from much! If the story has strong roots in relationships (be they familial, friendly, or romantic), even better. I love to get that sinking feeling of dread as I read, and stories that feel like a car crash you just can’t look away from.


A grabby hook is especially important to me in rom-coms, and, once again, bonus points for a really fun, interesting setting. I want to see upbeat and swoony escapades, but with emotional gravitas. My thoughts on tropes…the more the merrier!

Other specific wishlist items: 

  • Fat characters!! Especially if being fat isn’t their main point of conflict.
  • “I support women’s rights, and also their wrongs.”
  • A town that feels like a character (think Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls or Bluebell, Alabama from Hart of Dixie)
  • Stories told through multi-media
  • Stories with strong wholesome family dynamics
  • Stories with messy, nuanced family dynamics
  • Stories in which the protagonist has a specific job or hobby and makes me feel immersed in that experience (working at a restaurant, store, etc.)
  • Girls who are both strong female characters and traditionally feminine (you can love wearing dresses and be vulnerable and also kick ass!)

I am currently not the best fit for: 

Historical fiction, picture books, tearjerker contemporary fiction

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