Foyinsi Adegbonmire

My Manuscript Wish List®

Hello! 🙂

I’m an Associate Editor at Feiwel & Friends, an imprint of Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group.

I tend to lean towards commercial and high-concept novels in the middle grade (MG) and young adult (YA) fiction spaces. My go-to genres include contemporary, fantasy, science-fiction, and mystery but I’m also open to other genres/sub-genres (thriller, novel-in-verse, fairytale or fairytale retelling, etc.).

Across MG and YA, I enjoy stories that:

  • Have very conversational narrative voices, especially if the voice is funny/humorous and sometimes sarcastic
  • Are generally lighthearted, though it’s fine if they touch on serious topics
    • I ah-dore stories that take big life questions and build a plot around them (like Neal Shusterman’s Unwind dystology and Arc of a Scythe series).
  • Are based on the writer’s lived experiences and realities
  • Feature strong and healthy friendships, romances, and/or sibling relationships
  • Center characters who are part of historically underrepresented races/ethnicities/genders/orientations but aren’t “issue” books. In other words, stories that explore these cultures without the main conflict being about that aspect of the main character’s (or characters’) identity (though it can certainly still touch on and acknowledge the difficulties of being part of a marginalized community)
  • Lighthearted/Black Joy stories please!!
  • Explore college/university life (still petitioning for New Adult to become a concrete category!)

My main goal at the moment (February 2023) is acquiring a YA Fantasy that is *not* dark fantasy – more on my fantasy tastes below!

In terms of genres (for both MG and YA), and in no particular order:

  • Contemporary
    • Stories set in glamorous/elite prep schools (Gossip Girl series, The Clique series)
    • Boarding school stories that aren’t necessarily dark/thriller-esque (just kids dealing with the difficulties of forced proximity to different types of personalities)
    • Teen/kid spies or con artists (The Gallagher Girls series, Alex Rider series, The Con Code)
    • Whacky/silly stories (Sideways Stories from Wayside School)
    • ROMANCE (especially romantic comedies!)
      • Stories with healthy relationship dynamics and particularly the kinds of relationships the YA market hasn’t seen much of before, such as: Black love; polyamorous relationships; relationships involving transgender and/or non-binary characters; relationships involving ace characters; etc.
      • I love slow-burn—give me all the yearning and romantic tension
        • Other beloved tropes: friends-to-lovers, enemies-to-lovers, fake relationship/fake dating, oh-no-there’s-only-one-bed, etc.
  •  Fantasy
    • High-concept fantasy with lush, intricate world-building (the Pendragon: Journal of an Adventure Through Time and Space series) and clear magic systems (Children of Virtue and Vengeance)
    • Royalty (Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard)
    • Fantasy grounded in our world (Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky or Magic Tree House series)
    • Stories set in our world with largely unexplained magical occurences (Opposite of Always or In Some Other Life)
    • Fantasy in a futuristic setting
    • Fantasy with heart, humor, and a “classic” feel (How to Save a Queendom)
    • We absolutely stan Amari and the Night Brothers over here! It has the exact combination of magic, technology, and lightheartedness that I ADORE (and am looking for)
    • One of my dream acquisitions is a whimsical contemporary fantasy with a world that has the clever wordplay of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and The Phantom Tollbooth (NOT a retelling; the wordplay is the emphasis)
    • Another dream acquisition is slice-of-life stories that take place in high fantasy settings (bonus if the main plot is a romance). In other words, the high fantasy elements are simply facts of that world and nothing more so they aren’t the focus
  •      Science-fiction
    • Grounded sci-fi with super advanced technology (Iron Man, The 100 series)
    • Dystopia and time travel stories welcome (All Rights Reserved, The Hunger Games, The Reluctant Assassin, The Selection)
  •     Mystery/Detective
    • “Everyday”/regular life detective stories (Cam Jansen books by David A. Adler or the Encyclopedia Brown series by Donald J. Sobol) or adventurous mysteries like the 39 Clues series
    • Stories that involve puzzles, secret codes, etc. (Escape from Lemoncello’s Library, The Mysterious Benedict Society)
    • Psychological thrillers in the vein of the Pretty Little Liars series

Announced Acquisitions

Fun facts about me:

  • I’m Nigerian (Omo Yoruba)
  • I love GIFs and reaction pictures/videos (and rely on them heavily)
  • I’m really a night person so yes, I may respond to an email at 3 in the morning…
  • I LOVE bullet journaling and will happily talk about it with anyone who will listen.

Submission Guidelines

Agents: if you have a manuscript that may interest me or if you just want to connect, feel free to reach out!

Authors: At the moment, I only accept agented submissions/queries. Please do not query me directly unless as part of attending a conference I participate in.