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Erin Wicks acquires narrative fiction and nonfiction for the Harper and Harper Perennial lists at HarperCollins Publishers.  Her authors include Sarah Gerard (Sunshine State), Karen Rinaldi (The End of Men), Ami McKay (The Witches of New York), Julia Fine (What Should Be Wild), Etaf Rum (The Place an Arrow Shoots From), Bassey Ikpi (Making Friends with Giants), Leslie Mac and Marissa Janae Johnson (So You Wanna Be an Ally), Brian Hart (Trouble No Man), Ian King (An Appetite for Definition) and the estate of Eleanor Clark.

Ultimately, and above all, Erin’s interests lie with strong and urgent voices that tell captivating stories through evocative prose.  She looks to bring stories into the world that help evolve our cultural conversations to make the world more open-minded, connective, and just.

This includes a particular interest in books that offer under-represented and multi-cultural perspectives on identity, sexuality, and power (fiction and non-); examinations of emotional trauma and means of catharsis (fiction and non-); literary sci-fi, fantasy, and magical realism that provide insight into contemporary society; explorations of dysfunctional friendships and families; literary historical fiction; narrative-driven nonfiction; and Portuguese-language books that appeal to American audiences.  She speaks conversational Brazilian Portuguese.

Prior to her work as an editor Erin was an audiobook producer whose work included the executive production of the Grammy-nominated Yes Please by Amy Poehler and the double Audie Finalist Not My Father’s Son by Alan Cummings. Additionally she developed HarperCollins’ podcast HarperAudio Presents (now called HarperCollins Presents) and has worked on the enhanced e-book and e-book rights teams at HarperCollins.

**Please note that I do not publish genre Historical Fiction, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or Erotica; I look for literary takes on these genres that can reach larger readership.


Fun facts about me:

Previously employment includes bookseller at an indie bookstore while in high school and a short-lived stint as a barista spent taking espresso shots, forgetting regular customers’ orders, and making the the world’s worst smoothies.

Born in Anchorage, Alaska; at age five moved to small town Ohio.

Speaks conversational Brazilian Portuguese.

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