Erika Turner

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My Manuscript Wish List®

2024 wishlist:

  • Immersive, literary world-building: the kind of project that makes you want to hide under a blanket  and get swept away.
  • I’m eager for stories that grapple with humanity, where hope wins out, but not without some bruises along the way.
  • Who lives, who dies, who tells your story: I love historical fiction with a surreal or speculative edge, or something with a strong hook in mystery or intrigue, that also gives us a new glimpse into the stories of those often forgotten (or intentionally sidelined) by history.
  • Multicultural/intercultural families or unusual family structures: I’d love stories that feature LGBTQ+ families, blended families with distinctive cultural traditions and backgrounds (OR families that struggle with their cultural identities), transracial adoptees, etc.
  • Clever mystery with a smart investigation – I find I’m often less interested in whodunit, and more interested in how the pieces fell together / the person who is doing the investigating.
  • Lyrical, whimsical, magic in the mundane. What can make a small thing seem powerful?
  • If I’m going down, you’re coming with me: I love thrillers & light horror if it can make us think about the bigger picture – the social, societal, or familial issues that lead to treacherous (but still ultimately hopeful…or maybe murky) outcomes.


Overall, I’m interested in character-driven narratives with lush, literary detail. I’m also looking for projects that have a unique approach to black American, indigenous, or pre-colonial history, and those that thoughtfully explore religion and spiritually.

Magical realism, fantasy, and sci-fi are all my jam, as well as the occasional fluffy romance.

I’m particularly interested in projects by marginalized creators, and stories that center marginalized voices, especially related to queer women and femmes.

Fun facts about me:

I’m from the desert, I have anxious rescue dogs, and my favorite kinds of video games are the ones where I can both fight monsters and build a cozy farm (or, uh, till rice).

Submission Guidelines

Not accepting unsolicited submissions.

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