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Emily S. Keyes is the owner and founder of Keyes Agency, LLC and formerly was an agent at Fuse Literary.

She has represented many award-winning titles mainly (but not exclusively) in the realm of children’s literature. She loves finding and nurturing new talent, as well as reading and representing projects that will get readers excited to go to the bookstore. Emily is actively searching for all kinds of children’s literature, as well as select adult projects in genre fiction—so long as it’s not “serious” literature. She is searching for authors and illustrators who will be her coworker for a long career.

Previously she worked at the L. Perkins Agency as a contracts manager and associate agent. Before that, she was a Contracts Administrator at Simon & Schuster for five years.  In 2008, she graduated from New York University’s Center for Publishing. Emily lives in Brooklyn but she can usually be found spending too much time on the internet.

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