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My Manuscript Wish List®

Across genres and formats, I’m seeking manuscripts that promote empathy for characters from all walks of life and that expand readers’ understanding of the world around them. I care deeply about authentic, nuanced representation in media and subsequently hope to partner with authors who are personally involved with their books’ subject matter. Manuscripts that thoughtfully feature underrepresented topics and perspectives are most welcome.

In picture books, I am particularly drawn to cultural stories that demonstrate how simple, day-to-day occurrences as well as momentous moments (i.e., holidays, celebrations, rites of passage) shape a person’s identity and worldview. I also enjoy stories that teach evergreen social-emotional skills with care and understanding. Manuscripts that sensitively tackle tough topics without being overly didactic grab my attention as do historical stories with a clear connection to modern discussions.

For older readers, I’m looking for chapter books with a strong story engine, characters that actively practice problem solving, as well as that ever-elusive fun factor that will keep readers coming back for more. I appreciate grounded stories as well as those with a light fantastical twist. In middle grade and young adult books, I’m seeking stories with well-defined characters that touch on subjects relevant to readers’ evolving identities. These subjects might include sexuality, gender identity, race, religion, social class, dis/ability, mental and/or physical health, family relationships, and friendship. Genres might include contemporary fiction, speculative fiction, and historical fiction.

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Albert Whitman has an open submissions policy. Authors can submit to us using the guidelines found at the link below. Please send all unagented submissions to submissions@albertwhitman.com.

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