Ellen Cormier

Dial Books for Young Readers

My Manuscript Wish List®

I’m on the lookout for voicey character-driven picture books, middle grade, YA and graphic novels. My favorite projects explore universal themes through the lens of hyper-specific experiences and are voiced by flawed, complex characters that stick with you long after the final page.

I’m a total sucker for stories that authentically capture the raw, exquisite pains of middle school life; books that explore the complexities of friendships, especially ones that grow, change or fall apart; strong female characters; witty banter; queer coming-of-age narratives; and books that get me thinking more deeply about the world around me.

I’m specifically looking for…

  • LGBTQIA+ best friendship or first-ever-crush MG
  • Funny, classic-feeling family stories, à la Jeanne Birdsall’s Penderwicks series, featuring a non-white families
  • MG or YA that’s intersectional, feminist AF and  takes place at an all-girl’s boarding school or summer camp
  • Something that puts a new spin on the epistolary novel
  • YA where the primary pairing is platonic

I’m not the best fit for…

  • Books where getting the guy/girl is the main plot driver (especially if the pairing is cis/het/white)
  • Big, block-buster commercial /high concept fantasies (but send me your super literary Tamora Pierce-y , Garth Nix-y MG fantasies, please!)
  • Sick lit (chronic illness or disability = yes! cancer = no!)
  • Animal narrators
  • Humor that hinges on burps, farts, and the like

Submission Guidelines

Agented submissions only, but unagented writers may book consultations and critiques (see below).



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