Elizabeth Stranahan

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My Manuscript Wish List®


  • High-concept Contemporary
    • Voice-driven novels featuring teens with intelligence and agency (treats teens seriously)
    • Challenges readers to life’s big questions (first love, first loss, and finding your place in the world)
  • Boarding School Whodunits
    • Murder mysteries, scavenger hunts, or after-hours antics that also have something to say about life for teens today
  • Urban Fantasy or Sci-Fi with Grounded Characters
    • Fantasy and sci-fi worlds strongly rooted in character over plot
    • Quick-witted banter is a must


  • Contemporary
    • Perennial coming-of-age classics that feel at once fresh and timeless
    • Modern-day adventures that allow readers to solve puzzles, giggle at puns, and solve clues alongside the protagonists.
  • Mysteries & Ghosts
    • Age-appropriate thrillers and stay-up-all-night scares
    • Coming-of-age stories with a touch of the macabre; think Wednesday Adams for the MG reader
  • Commercial Nonfiction
    • Books that blend learning with humor; approaches curriculum staples from a new perspective


  • Larger than Life Characters
    • Memorable protagonists infused with kid-logic that leads to understandable but misguided and humorous results
    • Core teaching of common kid lessons in patience, sharing, understanding, etc.
  • Series Potential
    • Worlds and characters who can become household favorites
  • Community Recognition
    • Titles that celebrate the larger networks that champion children such as multi-generational families, teachers, coaches, neighbors, and more

Fun facts about me:

  • Former Division I gymnast
  • Jeopardy enthusiast
  • Getting lost professional

Submission Guidelines

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