Elizabeth Schleisman

Beaming Books

My Manuscript Wish List®

Beaming Books publishes high-quality children’s books that help kids thrive in every part of who they are–emotionally, socially, and spiritually. With topics ranging from self-esteem to kindness, ethics, and faith, our books are designed to spark the imagination and equip kids and families to live full and flourishing lives, together.

We are currently open to agented submissions in the following categories: fiction and non-fiction picture books.

We do not publish board books or activity books.

What I’m looking for:

Right now, I’m searching for picture books that center diverse, LGBTQ+, and/or disabled, especially neurodivergent, characters with themes of values, ethics, morals, and advocacy. Books with a strong hook that meet a felt need for children, parents, educators, and/or librarians are our specialty. I’m looking for books that help initiate conversations with kids.

I love unique, heartfelt, and sometimes a little quirky books that center kids’ experiences. I’d love to see projects that tackle, and even layer, topics such as

  • back-to-school
  • Fun read-alouds
  • imaginative play
  • intersectionality
  • gender expression (trans, nonbinary, gender-fluid characters)
  • body positivity from a child’s perspective. Not a general, affirmation-type book.
  • big feelings
  • death–what happens when we die? (would like to take a break from grief books)
  • toxic positivity/excellence–OK to fail.
  • multicultural families and friendships–merging of culture, traditions, and practices
  • found family
  • Homelessness/foster care/housing insecurity
  • Holiday stories with an additional values takeaway
    • Some examples: Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Day of the Dead, Diwali, Winter Solstice, All Souls’ Day, Lunar New Year, etc.
    • Would be interested in seeing a unique take on a Santa story–not in the fantasy/imaginative/”Santa is real” way but in a real life, being kind to everyone message.
  • exploring progressive Christian faith in new, interesting ways
    • Jesus as an interesting, radical person
    • Poetic, theological explorations of a concept
    • collection of creation myths from different cultures–could be non-Christian, too. Perhaps pulling from Indigenous teachings?
  • combining STEM topics with SEL themes: books that showcase connectedness, values of humanity, educate and equip kids to combat social issues, etc.
    • Intersection between faith and science (progressive lens)

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to schleismane@beamingbooks.com