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Devi Pillai, Associate Publisher

I bring a variety of experiences from different science fiction and fantasy houses, and I’ve worked in mainstream fiction as well. Prior to Tor, I spent ten years at Orbit US. My tastes are wide-ranging, from epic fantasy and dystopian science fiction to women’s fiction and thrillers.

I'm a sucker for pacing and deftly sketched characters; I also have the bloody-minded nature of a thirteen-year-old boy. I love to be thrown head first into the story and I'm always on the lookout for those qualities in acquisitions. To give you an idea, I’ve worked with, among others, New York Times-bestselling authors such as Brent Weeks, Gail Carriger, Lilith Saintcrow, and Joe Abercrombie; self-published bestselling authors Michael Sullivan and David Dalglish; World Fantasy and Nebula Award finalist Kate Elliott; and Hugo Award-winning author N. K. Jemisin. Here at Tor, I’m now the in-house editor for Brandon Sanderson.

I started at Tor Books as Associate Publisher in September of 2016, overseeing Tor’s SF and fantasy line alongside Patrick Nielsen Hayden. We’ve been working to streamline operations, to establish best practices, and to focus the Tor list. Our goal is that Tor should be notable for its responsiveness to authors and agents—that we should be the top of the field, not just in sales, but in author care as well.

Most of all, though, if there’s great new writing out there, we want to see it. Like Patrick (my co-associate publisher), I’m acquiring very selectively for my own list, but I’m aggressively looking for books for which other Tor editors would be the ideal champions. Because within Macmillan, Tor is a boutique publisher with a big heart—and great editorial talent.

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Fiction: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller, Women’s Fiction

Favorite sub-genres: Dystopian, Epic Fantasy
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