Devin Ross

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My Manuscript Wish List®

Devin is seeking both children’s and adult projects. In children’s, her main focus is YA, with select MG projects. She is not representing PB projects at this time.

In adult, Devin is looking for peculiar, eccentric, character-driven, commercial or upmarket fiction that is conceptually unique.

She’s also looking for upbeat women’s fiction or rom-coms. She loves contemporary romance with a unique hook, and stories told by diverse voices. Romance written for millennials is her focus, she loves modern stories that appeal to a younger audience. She is especially drawn to stories that explore the difficulties of being a young woman and feeling the pressure to conform to societal norms.

She loves all types of fantasy and is drawn to stories with magical realism. She is especially intrigued by magical realism that investigates emotion, psychology, or trauma. While she loves science fiction, she is not looking for it at this time.

In nonfiction she loves a book that explains complex science to people unlike her *cough* who almost failed junior chem. My nonfiction interests are eclectic so here are a few: Whiskey, craft beer and home brewing, complex science written for the average person, fandom, self-care, millennials issues (don’t send me books on how we’ve destroyed things for babyboomers, I honestly don’t care), astrology, spirituality not connected to a specific religion, old theaters (I love these), 90’s music, anything humor related.

In YA she’s looking for commercial fiction; coming of age, plot-driven books with strong voices and crossover appeal that break the status quo. Devin is passionate about representing diverse and underrepresented voices and is always actively looking for such projects in any category.

She’d love to see more contemporary projects that will make her laugh and cry and leave her with a smile. A strong voice is important to Devin for the contemporary projects she represents.

She is also drawn to fantasy and thrillers that suck you in from the very first page. She loves thrillers with crazy twists that shock you to your core.

Devin grew up wanting to be an artist. She painted to escape and is looking for books that help her to do the same. She’s looking for anything that throws her into a new world, or that helps her see her own in a different light. Devin loves books that make her feel strongly; bonus points for stories that make her laugh and cry. Finally, she is looking for books that teach her things, whether purposeful or through the telling of a story, it doesn’t matter. She is a lifelong learner and is always looking to expand her horizons.

Fun facts about me:

  • I drive stick shift
  • I spent most of my high school years living abroad
  • I’m a secret hopeless romantic

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