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David Mariotte (he/him) is an editor at Boom! Studios, currently working mainly on original comic and graphic novel titles. He is a graduate of the University of Arizona with a degree in Journalism and a minor in Gender and Women’s Studies. Prior to his comics work, he worked in journalism and for independent bookstore Mysterious Galaxy. David lives in his hometown of San Diego with his significant other and collaborator Rebecca Ann, two rambunctious cats, and probably too many Transformers.

Professionally, he has written titles like Transformers Wreckers: Tread & Circuits, Transformers vs. the Terminator, and Hanazuki: Full of Treasures for IDW, as well as a 7-year editorial stint there on franchises like Transformers, Sonic the Hedgehog, Godzilla, and Samurai Jack, as well as original comics projects like Wynonna Earp, The October Faction, The Kill Lock, Scarenthood, and Canto to name a few! You can keep up with him at his website where he frequently posts advice on working in comics or follow him on Bluesky.

NOTE: David works in comics publishing and is not open to prose submissions at this time.


I am open to submissions from most genres, though Westerns, Epic Fantasy, Sports, Historical Fiction, and most straight Superhero titles would likely find a better home with someone else. I prefer older YA, New Adult, and Adult titles. Big fan of books with cool robots and monsters, hot-and-heavy smooching (and more?), funny jokes, earnest feelings, spine-chilling frights, and something to say. I love to see pitches that feel like if something were to go wrong tomorrow and this was the last comic you got to do, it’s the one you’d have to do!

I am interested in both fiction and non-fiction (especially autobiography and comics journalism) and particularly encourage pitches from people who’ve been traditionally underrepresented in comics.


Fun facts about me:

  • My two cats are named Nadja and Tiansheng after the What We Do in the Shadows and Animal Crossing characters respectively.
  • My former dog was named G’nort after the Green Lantern.
  • My fiance and frequent collaborator, Rebecca Ann and I are planning on getting married in Japan in Fall 2024.
  • I love to use working on licensed titles as an excuse to get the associated toys, but need to be better about stopping after my time with the license is done.
  • I lived for a not insignificant part of my life on a non-working ranch in the middle of nowhere Southern Arizona.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to dmariotte@boom-studios.com

    • Any unsolicited submissions sent will be discarded without review. I cannot read any unsolicited pitches on licensed or original titles.
    • To inquire, please send me an email introducing yourself, ask if I am able to review your pitch at this time, and include only the top level details of title, age range, and genre.
    • Upon my response, if I am interested and able to review your pitch, please send a pitch packet including a one-page overview, a brief synopsis, the proposed format, any information on the creative team, and a statement about why you want to tell this story. If assets are available, 5+ lettered pages, character designs, cover art, or sample script pages are appreciated as well.
  • I am only seeking comics and graphic novels. Prose pitches will not be considered, sorry!
  • For agented creators working as part of a team, when you or your agent reach out, please specify if the agent is working on behalf of one creator or the whole team.
  • Any submissions created using “A.I.” will also be discarded.

Guidelines & Details