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My Manuscript Wish List®

Fiction: I’m most interested in fiction that is fueled by suspense or tension, has a commercial hook, and weaves in thoughtful social commentary. I believe in publishing books that are wildly entertaining, propulsive, and contain a depth that will leave readers with a greater understanding of society’s most pressing issues. Specifically, I love thrillers that are balanced out with relief (be it humor or heartwarming characters), timely book club fiction, earnest rom-coms that grapple with relatable issues, and relationship dramas, especially those that feature women. I welcome stories with sci-fi elements so long as they’re grounded in reality. More niche interests include jazz, campus settings, Hollywood, mountaineering, ice hockey, running, and tennis.

Non-Fiction: I’m drawn to platform-driven health & wellness, self-help for new adults, anything with a social justice angle, investigative journalism, cultural commentary, histories of underrepresented groups, pop culture, and anything that straddles the line between prescriptive and narrative. I’m looking for intimate narratives that shed light on timely issues, help us live better lives, and reconsider things we think we understand.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to david.howe@harpercollins.com

HarperCollins Publishers only accepts agented submissions.

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