David Howe

Harper / HarperCollins Publishers

My Manuscript Wish List®

At HarperCollins Publishers, I seek projects for the Harper and Harper Perennial lists. I previously worked at a talent agency in Hollywood and got my start in publishing at Hachette Book Group.

Fiction: I’m most interested in upmarket and commercial fiction that is fueled by suspense or tension and acts as a trojan horse for social commentary. I believe in publishing books that are wildly entertaining, propulsive, and contain a depth that will leave readers with a greater understanding of society’s most pressing issues. I’m also on the lookout for light beach reads, family sagas, atmospheric relationship dramas, coming-of-age stories, and anything that tackles gender issues. I welcome stories with sci-fi elements so long as they’re grounded in reality, but please note that I am not looking for fantasy, and more genre horror isn’t right for me. More niche interests include jazz, campus settings, Hollywood, and sports (told from a fresh angle).

Non-Fiction: I’m drawn to anything with a social justice angle, but primarily works of investigative journalism, cultural commentary, revisionist histories, and candid memoir.  I’m looking for intimate narratives that shed light on larger, timely issues. I also welcome anything that straddles narrative and prescriptive writing styles.  No matter the subject, I value compelling characters and a gripping narrative arc.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to david.howe@harpercollins.com

HarperCollins Publishers only accepts agented submissions.

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