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My Manuscript Wish List®

My Manuscript Wish List® Items

In addition to anything that speaks to health/wellness/self-help, I am interested in the following: 


I love books at the intersections of health/wellness and the environment (think What Your Food Ate, Sacred Cow: The Case For Better Meat, Healing Ground: Climate, Justice, and Regenerative Agriculture, You Are What Your Grandparents Ate: What You Need To Know About Nutrition, Experience, Epigenetics and The Origins Of Chronic Disease). 


I am always on the lookout for anything that explores the healing powers of nature and experiences in nature (think Doug Peacock’s Grizzly Years and Refuge by Terry Tempest Williams) and anything that speaks to this topic + teenagers. 


Also always interested in where health/wellness and education meet, in books about parenting (think: Untangled) and/or motherhood, and anything about mothers and daughters.  


I love memoirs where people grow, where people surprise themselves, where people explore relationships, where people learn something, where people struggle and overcome (Teacher Man, In the Dream House). 


In the oddly specific—I want books that teach people how to talk about miscarriage and how to support those who have experienced miscarriages. I want books that are for caregivers of those with chronic illness, a book about perimenopause, books that use food to tell stories of relationships and places, and books about dogs.

And if you have something that is really, really good then I want that, too.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to darcie.abbene@hcibooks.com

Please include the following in your proposal:

Send us your bio or curriculum vitae. Include information on professional credentials, current occupation, previously published works, social media statistics, any public speaking, or promotional experience you have, and any television or radio appearances you have made.

Supply detailed information on the marketability of your book, including:

  • Book summary and purpose
  • Book’s unique content and characteristic
  • Target audience
  • Market size, description, and demographics
  • Ways you intend to promote the book
  • Competing titles and sales figures
  • Specific information not provided by comparable titles

Please send no more or less than the following:

  1. Detailed outline of the book
  2. Table of contents
  3. Introduction
  4. Two sample chapters

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