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Dara Hyde is a Senior Agent at the Hill Nadell Literary Agency in Los Angeles. While representing many types of fiction and nonfiction, her primary focus right now is on adult literary fiction, YA and MG, in both prose and graphic novel formats.

Dara has taught or spoken at a number of writers’ conferences and events, including Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, 826LA, BinderCon, New Orleans Writers’ Conference, Pima Writers’ Workshop, PubWest, Long Beach Comic Expo, IWOSC, Antioch University LA MFA, Chapman University MFA, UC Riverside MFA and UCR Palm Desert MFA, Santa Barbara Writers’ Conference, Fallbrook Writers’ Conference, SCBWI, UCLA Extension, and the Literary Editing and Publishing (LEAP) program at USC. You can find her on Twitter @dzhyde and Instagram @dzhyde.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to http://QueryMe.Online/DaraHyde

The Hill Nadell Literary Agency represents a wide variety of genres. Before querying, we recommend taking a quick look at our About Us page to see what each agent represents and learn more about their interests. Please note, we do not represent scripts nor screenplays. We do not take pitches over the phone nor in person.

To submit your work to Dara Hyde, follow the link below and fill out the Query Manager form. While we prefer you query electronically via the form, we do accept hard copy queries. Please do not submit the same query to both. We make every attempt to respond to queries within eight to ten weeks, however due to the high volume of submissions the agency receives, we cannot guarantee a response to all queries. Our agents work closely together and will often share submissions with each other, so please do not query two agents within our agency simultaneously.

To query Dara Hyde: http://QueryMe.Online/DaraHyde

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