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My Manuscript Wish List®

Founded in 1971 by Jane Jordan Browne, Browne & Miller Literary Associates specializes in full-service representation of a select clientele. I have been owner and president of the agency since 2003.

I am an intrepid reader, my taste is very eclectic, and I look for exceptional writing and very fine storytelling. My roster includes several New York Times bestselling authors, numerous prize- and award-winning writers, and many talented debut novelists. I am always interested in promising new voices and those kinds of books that draw me in, fully capture my attention, and then hold it until the very last page. If my heart races a little bit along the way, all the better.

For 2023, I am most interested in the following:


I am partial, always, to substantive, classic-feeling novels featuring Midwestern voices and Midwestern settings. Think THIS TENDER LAND and ORDINARY GRACE.

Book club fiction, historical or contemporary, that’s charming and uplifting. I adored Lessons in Chemistry.

Stories by Native American authors.

Glam historicals, including ones that fictionalize real people and great love stories. Might feature a little mystery/suspense. I love Hollywood and anything about American family dynasties, especially stories about high society behaving badly. I am also particularly interested in Oona O’Neill Chaplin and her set. Also Elizabeth Taylor. Mid-century through early 1970s-set counts as historical!

Female-led literary-leaning mystery/crime/suspense/thrillers including highly original family dramas, domestic suspense stories, and tales with surprising bents and diabolical twists. I’d really love something set in New Orleans.

Elevated and sophisticated cozy mysteries starring a seasoned ensemble cast and featuring lots of twists and lots of charm.  I’d absolutely love a clever, clever reimagining of The Mousetrap/Clue/Gosford Park, maybe with an updated Hollywood vibe.

Stories with magical realism, tales that are horrific without being only horror and possibly address motherhood, literary-leaning novels with witches or the occult. Gothic fiction is a personal favorite.

A rom-com set in the world of professional TENNIS!


Modern mind/body/spirit projects that marry an urban sensibility with practical simplicity.

Elegantly written narrative non-fiction by nationally-recognized authors.

Forgotten stories, lost histories, slices of (dark) Americana, in the vein of the late Lee Sandlin or Erik Larson.

I also love rock-n-roll stories. I’m a longtime Dead Head, so take that for what it is.

I’m a dog lover (and dog owner), so I’d be open to a great dog memoir (or dog novel!), especially if it stars a Scottish or Sealyham Terrier.

My White Whales (i.e. book ideas relentlessly pursued over a long period of time, but I still haven’t found them. The quest continues!)

* An expertly-crafted, Chicago-set historical thriller in the vein of The Alienist.

* A golf-themed mystery. An ideal protagonist might be a golf pro.

* The next The Thorn Birds. Forbidden love is a favorite romance trope!

Sorry, but Browne & Miller is no longer accepting submissions of (Adult) Memoirs or of Young Adult fiction; no children’s books of any kind; and I do not represent genre horror, sci fi/fantasy, or screenplays. I am also not interested in books that have already been self-published.

Submissions should be emailed to mail@browneandmiller.com

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