Danielle Collins

Beach Lane Books and Paula Wiseman Books (S&S)

My Manuscript Wish List®

I’m an Assistant Editor at Beach Lane Books and Paula Wiseman Books, two imprints of Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing, acquiring fiction and nonfiction picture books and middle grade.

I’m looking for stories that inspire curiosity and empathy in young readers. Books where young readers can both see themselves and discover the wide world that exists beyond. I like to say that I’m drawn to both the factual and fantastical, or even a little bit of both– a dash of magic is always welcome!

I’m actively looking for stories featuring historically underrepresented identities and communities. I especially want to see more books for young readers with queer themes and queer characters, particularly BIPOC characters, trans/nonbinary/genderqueer characters, and other intersectional perspectives.

I like to work on the books that tug at your heartstrings every time you read them. I enjoy picture books with lyrical writing that explore themes of discovering identity and navigating emotions, as well as nonfiction that will pique readers’ interests in lesser-known people, periods, and fascinating STEM/STEAM topics. I’m interested in middle grade that approaches big questions with an accessible voice, and I love found family and adventure in any genre. Above all, I’m seeking books with beautiful writing, memorable characters, and a whole lot of heart.

Picture book wish list:

  • Lyrical writing that makes for an engaging read-aloud experience
  • Stories that tackle the big emotions of childhood and don’t shy away from the complexities of those emotions
  • Dynamic & fun stories that work on multiple levels (lessons with a very light touch)
  • Family representation that breaks out of heteronormative structures
  • Celebrations of gender expression & gender fluidity in childhood
  • Appreciation of the natural world
  • Biographies of BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and disabled/neurodivergent figures
  • STEM/STEAM that introduces fascinating topics in a fun & accessible way
  • Fables, myths, and legends outside of the white Western canon
  • Books with a bilingual component
  • Art styles that feel warm & inviting (I always love a touch of whimsy)

Middle grade wish list:

  • Found family
  • Adventure stories where the kids have lots of agency
  • Navigating identity, whether it’s gender identity, sexuality, cultural identity, or otherwise
  • Quirky and/or dysfunctional families
  • Mythological retellings, especially from BIPOC perspectives
  • Tackling heavy/complex topics with an optimistic lens
  • Anything that makes you walk away feeling like there might be a little bit of magic in the world

Fun facts about me:

  • New York is the 8th state and Brooklyn is the 10th city I’ve lived in! I’ve also called Chicago, LA, Madrid, and New Haven home.
  • I speak Spanish and some Portuguese, and would love to learn more languages.
  • My sister is studying to be an elementary school teacher, so children’s books run in the family!

Submission Guidelines

Agents: Please submit to my S&S email address with a pitch and the full manuscript. I can accept submissions for Beach Lane Books and Paula Wiseman Books, and will consider for both imprints unless otherwise specified. You are welcome to submit to more than one editor at S&S; however, we ask agents not to submit simultaneously to editors within the same imprint.

Authors and illustrators: I can only consider agented submissions. If you’re interested in working together, please have your agent submit to me.

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