Danielle Bukowski

Sterling Lord Literistic, Inc.

My Manuscript Wish List®

I joined Sterling Lord Literistic in 2014 and spent several years in the foreign rights department before transitioning fully to agenting. My list is primarily fiction for adults and I’m looking for smart bookclub, upmarket, literary, and select SFF. I like novels with a fresh and innovative plot; a big hook that grabs you from page one; a bit of the weird; stories with a strong sense of place; and writing that takes risks in style without sacrificing substance. Not necessarily all of this in one book, but ideally, your book will resonate with one of these areas.

On the nonfiction side I like books in which the author’s personal stake in the reported story is clear; books that are rigorously reported; and projects that will expand the reader’s view of the world. Overall, I am particularly focused on narratives from writers traditionally excluded from the publishing industry.

I keep my personal website more updated than this; there you can see more about my clients and their books, as well as access a submission portal: https://daniellebukowski.com/

I am not the right agent for stories centered on sexual assault or disordered eating. I do not represent true crime, romance, or children’s books outside of select YA.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to danielle@sll.com

I accept email queries. Please send your query letter and the first three chapters or 20 pages, depending on your formatting, in the body of the email to danielle@sll.com with “QUERY – YOUR TITLE” in your subject line. Please follow up if you receive other interest and/or an offer of representation, but if I don’t respond within 5 months you may query someone else at the agency if you wish. I respond to all requested full manuscripts.

Please don’t send attachments! I will not open them.

Vital Info