Cristi Marchetti, Firebrand Literary

Firebrand Literary

My Manuscript Wish List®

Cristi is looking for adult market writing, both fiction and nonfiction. Be confident in your writing and make sure readers other than your family have looked at your manuscript (sorry, but they love you and won’t give you honest feedback. Even when they say they will. It’s not their fault – you’re very lovable.).

“When I walk away from a book, I want the character to stay with me. If a protagonist shows up in my dream, that’s a story I’ll read again and again because I have a connection with the qualities – good or bad. I want to see myself and my life experiences in stories; it doesn’t always have to be pretty. If literature is a mirror of society, I owe it to myself to look in that mirror after a night of bad choices as much as I preen at the reflection of the pretty eyelash extensions I’m obsessed with.”

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to

If your computer is wonky and you need to email, use to email your submission. However, I will email you and ask you to submit via the website at:

because it’s waaaaaaaay easier to read your work in that format. If it comes through via email the type is teeny and I have to go get my reading glasses and then I’m confronted with the idea of aging and then there’s an existential crisis and then I have to call my girlfriends to say, “when did we start needing reading glasses” and then we commiserate and then suddenly I’m eating potato chips and hating myself.

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