Cole Lanahan

The Seymour Agency

My Manuscript Wish List®

As a junior agent, I possess a wide range of skills to offer authors. Aside from being a published author of eight novels, I hold a degree in Organizational Leadership from Colorado State. My past experiences include lobbying the United States congress for better mental health initiatives, leading a multimillion-dollar mental health nonprofit, creating strategic corporate partnerships, and implementing large-scale marketing campaigns..

Voice is paramount when it comes to catching my eye, as is snappy dialogue. I am actively looking for all genres of YA, all genres of adult romance, fantasy, psychological suspense, graphic novels and thrillers. In non-fiction, I’m looking for humor, business, self-help, lifestyle, and arts and crafts books.

Fun facts about me:

I love quilting, dog training, and singing in my three-piece acoustic trio.

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