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As a literary agent, my diverse skill set extends beyond my status as a published author of eight novels. I hold a degree in Organizational Leadership from Colorado State, and my professional journey includes impactful advocacy in the United States Congress for enhanced mental health initiatives. I’ve successfully led a multimillion-dollar mental health nonprofit, forged strategic corporate partnerships, and executed large-scale marketing campaigns.

When it comes to my literary preferences, I value an engaging narrative that captivates readers from start to finish. High-concept fresh plots, killer voice, and page-turning pacing are pivotal elements will always catch my attention. I am particularly passionate about promoting diverse voices, with a keen interest in BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ authors crafting stories they are genuinely passionate about, rather than adhering to perceived expectations.

While I am open to most commercial genres, please keep in mind I am NOT the right agent for:

  • Picture Books
  • Middle Grade
  • Children’s Graphic Novels
  • Children’s and YA Nonfiction
  • Books with word counts over 100K. A little over for fantasy is okay, but I’ve seen some astronomically large word counts, lately. With production costs rising so much in publishing, the likelihood of selling a debut with a word count over 100K is extremely slim.
  • Romances centered around sports
  • Books about Pirates
  • Books about thieves and heists
  • Historicals (I might be swayed by a historical romance, but it would really have to be really fresh)
  • Procedural Thrillers/Suspense (While I love domestic thrillers and suspense, anything involving main characters who are detectives, police, FBI, CIA, or military is not going to be my cup of tea)
  • Mysteries
  • Adult high fantasy (unless there’s a romantic element)
  • Adult Science Fiction (unless it’s grounded)
  • Christian/Inspirational/”sweet” romance
  • Any story with animal abuse on the page
  • Nonfiction memoirs or biographies (except for celebrities)
  • Nonfiction New Age
  • I have a ton of adult romcom and YA fantasy on my list, so I am being extra selective in those genres

At the moment, I am actively seeking YA horror, YA thrillers, adult horror, YA/NA romantasy, and adult domestic thrillers. Additionally, I enthusiastically welcome submissions in the nonfiction genre. Keep those submissions coming—I’m eager to discover new fresh and exciting voices in the literary landscape.

**Periodically I will close my Query Manager to certain genres in order to get caught up with my reading. To see what I’m currently accepting, please click on my Query Manager link below.**


Fun facts about me:

I love quilting, dog training, and performing in my three-piece acoustic trio.

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