Cole Hildebrand

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My Manuscript Wish List®

I joined JVNLA in 2021 after several years at YesYes Books, where I developed a strong sense for language and voice, and a sensitive editorial eye informing my approach as an agent. At JVNLA, I am seeking adult literary and upmarket fiction, narrative non-fiction, and poetry, aiming to champion queer and underrepresented voices. 

In fiction, I’m looking for voice and character driven work that immerses the reader in its distinctive prose, with layered writing that is lucid, observant, thoughtful, clever, off-beat, absurd, or all of the above. And while a robust story is essential, what engages me most as a reader is the unique ways that story is told in terms of narrative structure, form, and voice. I tend to go for books that explore subversive territories, deftly unearthing the intricacies of human experience, with irresistibly funny characters that say surprising things or make weird decisions. I’m particularly interested in stories about evolving (queer) relationships; stories with elements of the surreal and macabre; intentionally disjointed or open-ended narratives; and anything that grapples with our contemporary moment from a fresh perspective. 

In non-fiction, I’m looking for narrative works that blend personal, cultural, political, or historical threads. Books that engage with radical thought, social justice, queer history, art, pop culture, environmental studies, and mental health are always up my alley, so long as storytelling takes front-and-center. In general, I’m drawn to deeply-researched investigative work that uncovers new ground while incorporating the author’s own experience, work that brings to light lesser known histories, as well as idiosyncratic memoirs that center around distinct themes and ideas. I also want to work on something really funny. 

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