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I joined InkWell in 2016, after graduating from Columbia University with degrees in English and History. Originally from Salt Lake City, I began my publishing career at my local indie bookstore, The King’s English, before moving to New York. 

I’m actively looking for smart, voice-driven stories with big hooks and propulsive drama. I represent all ages (children’s through adult) in a variety of genres — as long as the voice is strong, the genre doesn’t matter to me. I love anything a little edgy, twisty, or dark, but there will always be room on my list for books that make me smile — whether it’s light, bright upmarket fiction, or a soapy, swoony romcom. I’m especially in the mood for…

Book club fiction! If your book club is reading it, I want it in my inbox! I’m looking for books with splashy concepts that will get readers talking — novels like YELLOWFACE, MAAME, PINEAPPLE STREET, THE OTHER BLACK GIRL, or LESSONS IN CHEMISTRY. 

I’ve been especially loving books with a genre twist lately — PORTRAIT OF A THIEF comes to mind as a great example of what I’m looking for, as does COUNTERFEIT or DIAL A FOR AUNTIES. I’m a sucker for a charming con artist, or an intricately plotted heist. Bonus if it makes me laugh!

Thrillers! I’m famously difficult to surprise, so anything with a twist I don’t see coming is an automatic “yes.” Lisa Jewell, Riley Sager, Megan Abbott, and Lucy Foley are my go-tos, but I would love to read something that can put a fresh spin on the genre (think THE MAID or “Knives Out”). A fun or unexpected setting is always a plus! In YA, think THE CHEERLEADERS, ACE OF SPADES, or THE INHERITANCE GAMES. Surprise me!

Grounded genre fiction! I’m always craving books like ADDIE LA RUE, NINTH HOUSE, or SERPENT & DOVE (three of my all-time faves!) — something with a lush setting, a big concept, and plenty of romance. This also goes for sci-fI! I’m not the best fit for hard sci-fi, but anything that feels “five seconds in the future” (ex. “Black Mirror”) is right up my alley. I couldn’t get enough of THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD MOTHERS, CAMP ZERO, or “Severance,” and would love to find something similar!

Horror! I’m a huge horror movie fan, and am always on the hunt for a project to keep me up all night. Books that recently scared the pants off me: THE HACIENDA, THE WEIGHT OF BLOOD, and HOUSE OF HUNGER. Does it have a sense of humor a la Rachel Harrison or “Yellowjackets?” Even better!

Romance! I’m on the hunt for romcoms with a fresh perspective and a bit of bite. Romance is a crowded market, so I’m especially looking for books that stand out from the pack — new voices, genre mashups, surprising concepts, etc. Give me something I haven’t seen before! I’d also love to find an epic romance in my inbox this year — something like THE ENGLISH PATIENT or DIVINE RIVALS would really make me swoon.

Historical fiction! I’m a big Kate Quinn fan, and am looking for stories with a similar vibe — something that can make the past feel accessible/ compelling to a modern audience. I devoured THE FINAL REVIVAL OF OPAL & NEV and THE CHRISTIE AFFAIR — give me all the historical glitz and drama!

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