Caroline Trussell

Metamorphosis Literary Agency

My Manuscript Wish List®

Caroline has a background in editing, writing, and communications and has worked as an agent assistant, editorial assistant, journalist, and communications consultant. She is passionate about finding writers with unique voices and points of view and is usually looking for steamy romances, out of this world fantasies, mysteries, and thrillers but check her updated genres to see what she’s currently seeking. She’s also a self-published young adult author, a Columbia Publishing Course graduate, and a mental health advocate.

Fun facts about me:

I currently reside in sunny Florida but would love to be somewhere that it actually gets cold.

I’m a huge mental health advocate so making fun of mental illness or any disability is an immediate no from me (also including insensitive wording).

I love Fall (it’s my favorite season)!

I love most animals and will appropriately freak out every time I see a cute cat or dog (and all dogs and cats are cute in my opinion)

I am a Capricorn, an INFJ, a huge movie buff, and love cheese (even though I shouldn’t eat it).

I have a cat named Katniss and YA dystopian is my comfort genre.

Submission Guidelines

Please send me the first three chapters of your manuscript, a query letter, a synopsis, and a pitch. There will also be some questions on my form that you can answer so I can get to know you a bit better.

Guidelines & Details