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My Manuscript Wish List®

I’m looking to acquire middle grade and young adult fiction, as well as graphic novels. My interests cover a variety of genres, including but not limited to contemporary, romance, fantasy, historical fiction, magical realism, and adventure/action stories. But as long as a manuscript has a strong voice, I’m always willing to give the submission a read.

I always enjoy stories with found families, coming-of-age themes, unbreakable friendships, witty narrators, found families, and strong worldbuilding. But I have a special place in my heart for Latinx and queer stories, and overall, I’m always especially interested in seeing Own Voices stories. I would love to acquire titles that reflect the diverse world around us and would allow readers to feel seen in the books they read.

I would love to see the following in my inbox:

  • MG or YA adventure/fantasy/magical realism story inspired by non-Western traditions, folklore, and myths
  • A queer and/or POC rom-com
  • Sisterhood of Traveling Pants inspired friendship story with an all queer and/or POC cast of characters
  • A contemporary YA or MG that engages with the experience of being first generation
  • A subversive YA about the Catholic school experience
  • Multigenerational POC family stories, think One Day at a Time, Blackish, or Fresh off the Boat 
  • Broad City for teens
  • MG that deals with puberty in a humorous way, similar in spirit to Netflix’s Big Mouth
  • MG about mental health issues
  • YA with strong themes of intersectional feminism
  • MG or YA found family stories, a la Steven Universe 
  • MG or YA horror story featuring non-Western monster lore
  • MG or YA historical fiction focused on non-Western cultural turning points
  • MG or YA insider/outsider story about returning to an ancestral home
  • YA reimagining/retellings of anything in the Jane Austen canon
  • MG with strong queer themes, think LumberjanesThe Backstagers, The Witch Boy, or The Cardboard Kingdom
  • YA about girls rebelling against patriarchal systems, think Mad Max: Fury Road but for teens
  • Contemporary MG or YA set in non-Western countries, centered around characters who are native to the location
  • MG or YA that deals critically with the often ignored, darker parts of American history like  American imperialism or the Trail of Tears
  • MG or YA own voices projects starring genderqueer, non-binary, and trans protags. I’m especially trying to get more transmasc representation out there
  • Diverse Regency, Gregorian, and Victorian YA
  • In general though, any POC authors take on vampires, werewolves, sirens, witches, and any manner of myth/supernatural always interests me
  • Latinx fútbol-centric stories and if there’s a queer romance subplot thrown in all the better
  • I did my college honors thesis on Japanese American literature on internment and I would love to see any projects that engage with this part of history from an own voices creator
  • If something has “already been done” but it’s never been done with characters who hail from marginalized backgrounds, I want to read it

*Anything listed above also applies to a graphic novel format!

Submission Guidelines

Unfortunately, HarperCollins doesn’t accept unagented submissions.

Agents, please email your pitch and the manuscript to me at HarperCollins.

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