Carleen Geisler

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My Manuscript Wish List®


I am an associate agent actively building my list of adult fiction authors across contemporary genres. I’m also open to nonfiction, and though my list mostly focuses on fiction, I would love to find some unique nonfic projects to work on too.

In Adult Fiction:

  • Contemporary fiction across genres
  • Suspense, especially with a dose of weird (BUNNY by Mona Awad)
  • Mild speculative elements are okay—in fact, I tend to LOVE them—if they are grounded in our world, or very VERY near world.
  • Contemporary romance. My preference is for it to have a really strong b-plot, or be part of a “bigger picture” story (THE ARC by Tory Henwood Hoen)
  • Upmarket and literary voices, especially with a really unique premise
  • Real life stakes!
  • SCARY horror, especially if it’s not supernatural
  • Also the kind of horror that is not really scary but instead atmospheric and full of dread
  • Stories set in the wilderness across genres! I am a sucker for wilderness settings.
  • Characters with unique jobs, especially if the author also has experience with it
  • dark and dreadful stories
  • weird and whimsical stories (again, reminder, real world!)
  • thrillers/suspense novels where death is NOT the driving force

In Non-Fiction:

  • topics such as spirituality, intuition, etc.
  • community and culture
  • food and agriculture
  • natural living
  • deeply emotional memoirs along the lines of TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE
  • an unusual topic that you know a lot about!
  • weird topics with lots of passion behind them

Please don’t send me:

  • Childrens/YA
  • Sci-fi
  • Fantasy
  • Detective/police stories, as well as crime thrillers or police procedurals
  • Mob/organized crime stories
  • Heavily political plots/military
  • Narration that breaks the fourth wall, ie. characters who speak directly to the audience: “Yeah, I know it was wrong of me. Wouldn’t you have done the same?” *this is a random made up example
  • Series (could be a series is fine, if the querying novel could also stand alone)
  • Adult characters doing adult things with an overall tone/voice that sounds YA. This is obviously a harder one to pinpoint, but something to be conscious of. If readers have described your tone as young it’s probably not a fit for me.
  • Excessive gore, especially medical related.

Fun facts about me:

I live on a produce farm!

Submission Guidelines

Use the QueryManager link provided. Please note that this is a shared inbox among ArtHouse agents: if you’re interested in querying me specifically, please address the query letter to me. You are also welcome to address the agency as a whole.

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