Camille Kellogg

Bloomsbury Children's Books

My Manuscript Wish List®

I’m an editor at Bloomsbury Children’s Books, acquiring young adult and middle grade. I’m particularly interested in stories for underrepresented readers and reluctant readers. I’m also interested in high-concept hooks, page turners, and strong narrative voices.

In YA, I’m particularly looking for fantasy (of all kinds!), as well as thrillers, mysteries, horror, romcoms, and contemporary. In MG, I’m looking for contemporary, family stories, friendship stories, issue-driven books, mysteries, horror, and high-concept, hook-y fantasy. For both categories, I’m always interested in stories inspired by pop culture, social media, or current events. I tend not to connect with historical, sci-fi, novels in verse, or anthologies.

I’m also acquiring MG and YA graphic novels very selectively, with a focus on MG and YA contemporary, MG horror, queer stories, and works by underrepresented creators.

A few topics I’d love to see:

  • MG or YA about girls who skateboard (prose or graphic novel!)
  • MG about a child with a parent who has a drug addiction
  • MG humor with a BIPOC protagonist
  • MG or YA fantasy with a disabled protagonist
  • A specialty school YA or MG (a school for elite athletes, for superheroes, for anything unusual, intriguing, and oddly specific!)
  • A MG centered on technology and social media that feels very up-to-date, cool, and internet savvy
  • MG about gaming
  • Pop-culture influenced books
  • A YA about roller derby or rugby

Submission Guidelines

Unfortunately, I don’t accept unagented submissions.

Agents, please email your pitch and the manuscript to me at Bloomsbury.

Vital Info