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My Manuscript Wish List®

**No longer accepting submissions.**

I’m on the lookout for stories with unforgettable character and voice, and am also interested in hooky concepts, character-driven stories, commercial writing, and unique story structure/timelines or stories that play around with epistolary formats. I am most interested in YA, MG, and graphic novels right now, but am open to picture books if the right one comes along.

My focus is acquiring diverse voices from a range backgrounds, so please send me LGBTQIA+, POC, Latinx, or neurodiverse stories. I am also drawn to stories with strong friendships at the core, especially friendships gone wrong, as they can be just as emotionally volatile and interesting to read about as romantic relationships. I’m also a fan of morally gray characters, psychological twists, nonlinear formats, and quirky concepts that make me think or question some part of the world–whether that be the universe itself or human nature. But above all else, I want characters who feel real, and stories with deep emotional undercurrents that speak to situations, feelings, and thoughts of everyday people, even if the story is set beyond our world.

More specifically, I’m looking for:

YA: magical realism/low fantasy, grounded sci-fi (not looking for traveling the galaxy stories), thrillers, contemporary, gritty/edgy realism, LGBTQIA+, and diverse voices.

MG: magical realism, fantasy, sci-fi (so long as it’s got a great hook and equally great characters), girls who stand up for what they believe, boys who aren’t afraid to show emotion, anything fun/quirky, LGBTQIA+, and diverse voices.

Graphic novels (mostly MG, but YA if it fits other areas of my wishlist): fantasy, sci-fi (epic space travel okay!), LGBTQIA+, contemporary, and hooky concept.

Picture books: strong concept and compelling characters.

Above all, I’m looking for stories that grab me from the first line (both with the concept and voice), that won’t let me stop reading at the end of a chapter, and that stick with me even after I’ve reached the last page.

I’m not the right person for high fantasy YA, space travel sci-fi (unless it’s a graphic novel), plots that revolve entirely around high school drama, or stories about a chosen one.

Submission Guidelines

No longer accepting submissions.

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