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Caitlin is a writer and editor who was previously the Books Editor for Bustle, and she has written about YA books for HelloGigglesBustleElle, and Glamour. Caitlin brought her passion for YA and MG to Emerald City Literary Agency in 2019 as an intern before being promoted to Associate Agent. She currently lives in Dorchester, a part of Boston.

Caitlin is building her own list, and so she is now open to submissions in YA and MG fiction and will represent projects alongside ECLA agents Mandy Hubbard and Linda Epstein.

Things I am NOT looking for, Anti-MSWL as of 4/25/23:

  • No high fantasy! If you’re talking realms, portals, fantastical races, fae, chosen ones, magical royalty, or anything in that (ahem) realm, I am 99% sure I’m not the best fit right now
  • I’ve never really connected with stories about writers or writing, characters who want to be writers. Just not for me!
  • I’m not a fit for books centered on pregnancy or pregnancy loss. Would love a content warning if it’s a small piece of your story, but another agent would work better if that’s the theme or focus
  • I’m not a fit for Christian-centered or morality stories, trying to teach teens or tweens something.
  • I’m not looking for historical if, and especially if, if we’re using historical to cut out issues of cell phones or to tie to the author’s own decade of being a preteen/teen.

#MSWL updated as of 4/25/23:

  • First of all, I’m really looking to champion Black, Indigenous, and other people of color who are querying and want to go the traditional publishing route. Send all your queries my way and I’ll do what I can to prioritize
  • I’d love to see queries from LGBTQIA writers, especially stories of joy and, given everything going on in the world, will prioritize how I can queries from trans writers if you choose to such identify in your letter (of course you do not have to)
  • Contemporary realistic, contemporary realistic, contemporary realistic… in both YA and MG! (I’m good with touches of magic, but looking to fill out my list with some grounded contemporary right now)
  • For anyone who’s seen #TheLastofUs, I need manuscripts that feel like Ellie and Storm Reid’s character falling in love on the essentially last night of their world. NEED
  • Looking for #YA and #MG with big, complicated family dynamics like #Succession, but kids, think: dramedy. Please though, nothing with tons of POVs
  • LOVE a contemporary story with an unlikely girl team up, think: John Tucker Must Die
  • Send me your survival stories with a twist, think #Yellowjackets and #TheWilds, ideally contemporary
  • Send me your contemporary witches WITHOUT actual fantasy magical powers or who think they don’t have them. Think, The Craft before Sarah arrived
  • Always intrigued by stories told over one night like We Are the Wildcats, or thrillers over one night, like a #YA version of Survive the Night.
  • Rom-coms!! Contemporary rom-coms!! I need your unique twists on the genre or fun details or settings that make it stand out
  • Related to the above, contemporary teens that work! Love stories in industrial fridges while waitressing, finding friends at the boardwalk surf shop, finding yourself at the water park (like one of my faves, the Way Way Back)
  • For #MG, I’m really picky about voice because I think it’s so hard! I’m looking for a big heart without being saccharine, friendship-centered contemporary, and small adventures that feel big to them like Stand By Me.
  • Dual unreliable narrators like the TV show #CruelSummer
  • I really love realistic mysteries, whodunnits, thrillers, and slasher-like horror (think: Scream! or for YA: There’s Someone Inside Your House or You’re Not Supposed to Die Tonight)

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Submission Guidelines

Caitlin uses QueryManager, so please follow directions on the submission form. She asks for a query letter and your first 10 pages. Please note she only accepts young adult and middle grade fiction at this time.

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