Caitlin Mahony


My Manuscript Wish List®

Caitlin has been at WME since 2016. She represents romance, genre, and commercial fiction.

Caitlin’s clients include bestselling romance authors Chloe Walsh and Shantel Tessier, fantasy author Henry Neff, among others.  Caitlin is passionate about breaking out authors who originate from the self-publishing world, and bringing new opportunities their way—whether it’s a transition to traditional publishing in the US and UK, translation and audio deals, or merchandising.

Caitlin is looking for books that offer a total escape and full immersion, in either this world or an imagined one. She loves a hard-won, epic love story (historical and contemporary), a transporting fantasy or sci-fi novel that helps parse earthly questions, a delightful beach read, or a pulse-pounding thriller; and is always looking to get swept up in something that you can’t put down.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to

Caitlin would love to see your query letter (including a bio) and the first chapter of your manuscript.

For previously self-published work, a link to your website, Goodreads, Wattpad, and/or Amazon page would be great too.