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I am interested in adult, YA, and middle grade fiction and nonfiction

For all ages: Contemporary romance or romantic suspense in all heat levels with career driven woman or athletes (baseball, hockey and soccer), LGBTQ romances. Mysteries and thrillers, especially cozies and amateur sleuths.  Women’s fiction/book club fiction, especially with characters that don’t make the easy choices or multiple POV sibling stories (think the Bravermans of Parenthood, lovable but very flawed). Historical fiction in any era, especially if it is from the perspective we normally don’t hear from. Think the maid or valet instead of the princess and king Science fiction and fantasy with strong YA crossover.

Contemporary young adult and middle grade projects with diverse characters, including but not limited to, characters with disabilities, LGBTQIA, racial diversity, and socioeconomic diversity. Young adult and middle grade science fiction and fantasy.

In nonfiction I am looking for books about theater, humor, narrative history, current events, and pop culture.

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